Makin class

Makin class (FASA-2302)
Makin class (FASA-2302)

Length 180 meters
Width 95 meters
Height 35 meters
Mass 102,200 metric tons
Crew 38
Marines 1800
Shuttlecraft 2
Cruising speed Warp 8
Emergency speed Warp 9
Phaser banks 4

The Makin class assault ship could beam down its complement of 1800 marines, 9 heavy tanks, and 32 light support vehicles in 25 minutes, slightly less rapidly than a Continent class vessel. The Makin was produced at the Tellar and Salazaar shipyards, with a combined annual production rate of 14 per year; 68 vessels were constructed between 2275 and 2280.[1]


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