This Alpha Quadrant species had a very complex language—which made for a problematic first contact with the Enterprise NX-01. In the Kreetassan culture, eating and mating were considered to be similar activities, and the Kreetassans were therefore deeply offended when they observed the Enterprise crew eating in public. The crew tracked them down again when a strange, symbiotic organism transferred itself from the Kreetassans’ ship to the Enterprise, taking some crewmembers captive. Luckily, the Kreetassans had learned English at this point, and were able to communicate effectively with Ensign Travis Mayweather. After Mayweather delivered a proper apology for the crew’s faux pas, the Kreetassans provided him with the coordinates for the mysterious organism’s homeworld.[1] Captain Archer managed to inadvertently offend the Kreetassans yet again when he and his crew visited the Kreetassan homeworld to obtain a plasma injector. Apparently, Archer’s pet dog, Porthos, urinated on one of the Alvera trees outside the Hall of Diplomacy—the Kreetassans considered these trees to be cultural treasures. Captain Archer later performed an elaborate ritual of apology, which involved using a chain saw to cut pieces from a recently-felled tree and arrange them in a certain pattern.[2]


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