Kirk, George S. Sr.

George Kirk, Sr.
George Kirk, Sr. (ST-11)

Human. Starfleet Serial Number SA-733-9624-AM.[2] In 2233, Lieutenant George Samuel Kirk, Sr.[1] was the first officer[2] of the U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514 under Captain Richard Robau.[3] George was married to another Starfleet officer, Winona Kirk, and they had two sons, George Jr. and James.[3] George was born in Riverside, Iowa,[2] and was the son of Tiberius Kirk, whose name he felt was “the worst,”[3].[4, 5]

ST11 Timeline

On Stardate 2233.04, the ST11 timeline was created when a Romulan ship, the Narada, emerged from a singularity that had transported it 154 years into its past. The Narada immediately attacked the Kelvin, and George found himself unexpectedly thrust into command when Captain Robau was killed. Outgunned and overwhelmed by the incredibly advanced ship, Kirk ordered the evacuation of the Kelvin, but when the autopilot was destroyed, he was forced to sacrifice himself in order to manually pilot the ship onto a collision course with the Narada, protecting the escaping shuttles for as long as he could. Meanwhile, Winona, who was pregnant with the couple’s second child, James, went into early labor during the attack, giving birth aboard Medical Shuttle 37. George kept a channel open to the shuttle, and before he died, he heard his newborn son’s first cries, and helped his wife name the boy mere seconds before the Kelvin rammed the Narada.[3] George had owned a classic Chevrolet Corvette, and left it to his brother-in-law, Frank.[4, 5, 6]

Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth.[3]


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