Kirk, George S. Jr.

George 'Sam' Kirk, Jr. (TOS-29)
George S. “Sam” Kirk, Jr. (TOS-29)

Human. George Samuel Kirk, Jr.—called “Sam” only by his brother, Jim[2]—was the elder son[1] of George and Winona Kirk.[3] In 2265, George—who was married with three children—saw his younger brother off on his first mission as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.[1] Two years later, George, a research biologist, was on Deneva with his wife, Aurelan, and one of their sons, Peter, when the planet was attacked by a species of neural parasites. While Peter survived, George was killed before his brother could arrive with the Enterprise, and Aurelan later died in the ship’s sickbay.[2]
Portrayed by William Shatner.[2]

ST11 Timeline

George 'Sam' Kirk, Jr. (ST-11)
George S. Kirk, Jr. (ST-11)

Several years after the death of his father aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514,[3] George and Jim were staying with their Uncle Frank in Riverside, Iowa, while their mother, a Starfleet officer, was off-planet. Once, after telling Jim that he “can’t be a Kirk in this house,” he ran away.[4, 5]

Portrayed by Spencer Daniels.[3]

George Jr. was listed in the script as “Johnny,” but a deleted scene that appeared in both the novelization and the comic adaptation as well as on the DVD/Blu-Ray release made it clear that the character was Jim’s older brother, long established as George Samuel “Sam” Kirk, Jr. Young “Jimmy” Kirk’s dialogue as he drove past his older brother was apparently “Hey, Johnny!” though it sounded more like “Hey, Georgie!”


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