Kargon Incident

In this skirmish, Captain Kresz sutai Kargon, commanding a group of six refit Lara’atan class ships, attacked a Federation outpost in the Orion sector. The Constitution class U.S.S. Kongo NCC-1710 and the Loknar class ships U.S.S. Halk NCC-2742 and U.S.S. Rome NCC-2726 responded to the outpost’s distress call. Though they arrived too late to save the outpost, they did engage the Klingons.

Detecting only three ships on sensors, one with severe damage and the others with minor damage, Captain J.C. Fredriksen of the Kongo ordered the Loknar class ships to close with the Klingons and demand their surrender. The Kongo approached one of the Klingon ships lying dead in space.

As the Kongo neared, sensors picked up three more Klingon ships coming out of warp to the rear, and the systems aboard the “dead” ship coming to life. Fredriksen ordered the helmsman to turn hard about, but it was too late. The damaged Lara’atan class ship self-destructed with such force that the Kongo‘s starboard warp nacelle was ripped from the hull and the port engine damaged beyond repair. The incoming ships fired into the Kongo‘s burning wreck, completing its destruction. The Halk was so taken by surprise that it, too, never had a chance to return fire, and the first volley of shots from the oncoming Klingons destroyed the ship. The Rome, however, opened fire on one of the disabled Lara’atan class ships, scoring two torpedo hits on its bridge and numerous phaser strikes on its engines. The Rome then turned on the other disabled Lara’atan class ship and began firing as fast as it could, scoring hits with every shot. The ships rushing in from their attack on the Halk fired in unison, and the Rome, though it fought valiantly, suffered the same fate as her sister ships.

News of the attack reached Starfleet three days later, when a communications buoy from the Rome was retrieved. From this report, it was also learned that the Klingon ships from the engagement were painted in bright blue colors; ships of that description had also been seen in and near the Triangle.[1]


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