The untold story of Captain Janeway’s crew!

GN-33 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released August 1998

A deadly encounter with hostile aliens leaves Captain Janeway‘s crew separated from the Starship Voyager and slowly starving to death in a disease-ridden prison camp. To keep up their determination as they plot their escape, the crew shares with each other the unlikely paths that brought them all to the U.S.S. Voyager—and the Delta Quadrant.

These are the personal stories of the command crew of the U.S.S. Voyager: a fair-haired youth who seemed destined for greatness . . . or disgrace; a troubled half-human woman who seemed at home nowhere in the galaxy; a traveler and treasure-hunter who found the greatest prize of all; a naive young man who lost his love in pursuit of his dreams; a Vulcan who formed a surprising bond with a human woman of courage and passion; a child-woman whose boundless curiousity led to a strange new world of marvels and dangers, and the man who is perhaps the closest of all to Captain Janeway, the man whose unspoken dedication may hold the key to her survival . . .

Written by Jeri Taylor


Guest Cast:


“How about you, Seven?” Tom prompted. “Want to let us in on your past?”

“I think you should speak instead,” she announced in her forthright way, a statement which caught Tom somewhat off guard.

“Good idea,” said B’Elanna wryly. She had peppered Tom with questions about his life ever since their friendship had started developing, and he had managed to answer in the vaguest of terms. That would be his instinct in this instance, too, but after Chakotay, Harry, and especially B’Elanna, had been so honest, so intimate, anything less from him would seem cowardly.

The thought of releasing some of his buried feelings was suddenly appealing. This prisoner-of-war camp might be the occasion in which they weren’t able to cheat death, and if that should prove the case, Tom wanted, finally, to unburden himself.

“Okay,” he said to the group. “I don’t know how this will come out. But here goes.”

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