Shadows on the Sun

Dr. Leonard McCoy confronts his past and the wife he left behind.

GN-14 Cover

  • Stardate 9587.2
  • Released August 1993

The planet Ssan‘s society believes in the time-honored tradition of assassination, but the government in power wishes to eliminate this policy. Needless to say, the assassins are mad enough to kill. Kirk and crew are ordered to shuttle the ambassadors to this dangerous planet. For McCoy, the mission is too personal. When he was studying to be a doctor, he was stationed on Ssan and his experiences are still very painful to recall. In addition, the ambassadors are a married couple—McCoy’s ex-wife Jocelyn and her husband, the man who stole her heart away.

Written by: Michael Jan Friedman


Guest Cast:

Sunday, August 30th, 2009 Books, Logs, Original Series

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