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  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released September 1988

It is the twenty-third century. On the planet Vulcan, a crisis of unprecedented proportion has caused the convocation of the planet’s ruling council—and summoned the U.S.S. Enterprise from halfway across the galaxy, to bring Vulcan’s most famous son home in its hour of need.

As Commander Spock, his father Sarek, and Captain James T. Kirk struggle to preserve Vulcan’s future, the planet’s innermost secrets are laid before us, from its beginnings millions of years ago to its savage prehistory, from merciless tribal warfare to medieval court intrigue, from the exploration of space to the development of o’thia—the ruling ethic of logic. And Spock—torn between his duty to Starfleet and the unbreakable ties that bind him to Vulcan—must find a way to reconcile both his own inner conflict and the external dilemma his planet faces… lest the Federation itself be ripped asunder.

Written by Diane Duane


Guest Cast:


“Whose side are you on?”

Spock looked at him, a steady gaze. “I have not yet decided,” he said. “Logic must dictate my stance.”

There was a long silence at this. “So after the debates,” McCoy said, “come the votes. And if the vote is to stay in the Federation?”

“Then we go back on patrol,” Jim said.

“And if Vulcan votes to secede?”

“Then all trade and military agreements lapse. All Vulcan bases and vessels in Federation service will be withdrawn; all Vulcan diplomatic personnel, starships, and starship personnel will be recalled,” Spock said. “Those who disobey will be stripped of their Vulcan citizen status and exiled. The Federation will cease to exist for Vulcan.” Spock looked up. “You will all be dead to us.”

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