Evans, Charles

Charles Evans (TOS-07)
Charles Evans (TOS-07)

The sole survivor of a transport crash on planet Thasus in 2248. Charlie, who was only three years old at the time, was raised by the Thasians, a noncorporeal species. Charlie claimed to have survived by learning from the ship’s computer, but it was later found that the Thasians granted Charlie extraordinary mental abilities in order for him to survive on Thasus. Charlie was rescued at age seventeen by the crew of the survey vessel Antares, but his inexperience with living in human society, combined with his mental powers, made him too dangerous to live with humans, and the Thasians took him back to live on Thasus.[1] Charlie encountered a squad of Starfleet Academy cadets, including Nog, more than a century later while trying to escape the Thasians once again.[2]

Portrayed by Robert Walker, Jr..


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