The Heart of the Warrior

Worf and Kira strike at the heart of the Dominion!

DS9 #017 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released October 1996

While a crucial peace conference fills Deep Space Nine with rumors of intrigue and conspiracy, Major Kira and Lt. Commander Worf embark on a dangerous undercover mission deep in the heart of the Gamma Quadrant. Their mission: to find the secret of the addictive substance that the Changelings use to control their Jem’Hadar warriors. But how long can Worf and Kira remain undetected in the midst of the Dominion? Odo may be their only hope; but to save them, he’ll have to stand against his own people.

Written by John Gregory Betancourt


Guest Cast:


“What’s it like, being the first Klingon in Starfleet?” Major Kira asked from the pilot’s seat. Lieutenant Commander Worf sighed.

“That is the question that everyone asks,” he replied coldly.

“I understand,” Kira said. “Every Bajoran I meet asks me what it’s like to work with the Emissary.”

“Oh?” Worf was curious.

Kira shrugged. “I tell them, ‘it’s a living.’ “

Worf made a sound that in a human would have been called a sigh.

“I was raised by human parents,” he told Kira, “so I grew up with Starfleet. Had my Klingon parents lived, I would no doubt be with my brothers now, helping to seize Cardassian Territory.”

“You don’t seem thrilled by that idea.”

Worf shrugged. “It is a living . . .”

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