Dath D’lan class

Dath D'lan class (FASA-2301)
Dath D’lan class (FASA-2301)

Length 234 meters[1]
Width 128 meters[1]
Height 34 meters[1]
45 meters (refit)[1]
Mass 79,900 metric tons[1]
85,000 metric tons (refit)[1]
Crew 218[1]
225 (refit)[1]
Passengers 220[1]
Shuttlecraft 2[1]
Cruising Speed Warp 7[1]
Warp 8 (refit)[1]
Emergency Speed Warp 8[1]
Warp 9 (refit)[1]
Weapons 2 KD-4 disruptors[1]
2 KD-5 disruptors; 1 KD-10 disruptor; 2 torpedo tubes (refit)[1]

The Dath D’lan class destroyer, known to Starfleet as the D-11, was the most unusual design in the Klingon fleet, easily recognized on visual scan because of its single wing, and was commissioned in mid-2262. That the vessel never fared well in battle was blamed on its asymmetrical design, which worked to restrict the field of fire from the weapons mounting hardpoints. Able to travel at speeds of Warp 7, it was one of the fastest ships in known space at the time it was commissioned, as well as having had satisfactory tactical maneuverability. Nevertheless, the class was unpopular, as it lacked sufficient firepower to perform its duties. It’s unsurprising that a refit was commissioned in 2270 to upgrade the weapons systems, extending their range by 80,000 km, but battle performance was not significantly improved.[1]

Due to its problems and the success of other destroyer designs, the mission of the class was changed; the vessels switched over to light assault duties. With the capacity to carry a company of marines, the Dath D’lan class was used to secure lightly-held systems; they also accompanied Z’gal (D-9) class research cruisers in their efforts to open new territories. The class was manufactured at Taamar and H’renn[1]

The class name of Dath D’lan, or “One Wing,” and its nickname of “the one-armed bandit” obviously derive from its design. Many jokes circulated through Starfleet concerning the design; the most long-lived of these had it that the designer was under pressure to have the design completed by a certain date. In order to satisfy his contract and spare his life, the story went, the manufacturer completed the ship, minus the starboard wing assembly.[1]


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