D’aka class

D'aka class (FASA-2301)
D’aka class (FASA-2301)

Length 250 meters[1]
Width 150 meters[1]
Height 50 meters[1]
Mass 73,800 metric tons[1]
Crew 62[1]
Troops 800[1]
Shuttlecraft 5[1]
Cruising Speed Warp 7[1]
Emergency Speed Warp 8[1]
Weapons 8 disruptor banks[1]

The D’aka class assault ship, known to Starfleet as the T-3 class, was in production from 2248 to 2281. Of the 480 that were built, in 2281, 286 remained in service, 24 were in reserve fleets, 112 had been destroyed, 5 had been scrapped, and 53 had been sold to the civil sector. The class name came from a word which meant “mover.”[1]


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