Chandley class

Chandley class (FASA-2217)
Chandley class (FASA-2217)

Chandley class (FASA-2302)
Chandley class (FASA-2302)

After the conclusion of the Four Years War, Starfleet Command initiated the Strategic Forces Survey; the results of the study have influenced plans ever since. One weakness identified was the need for combat vessels carrying boarding parties or prize crews to quickly deliver decisive blows against a retreating or routed enemy. To address this, Starfleet began to develop frigates designed to carry Marines trained to board hostile vessels and complexes. The most impressive of these frigates is the Chandley class.[1]

The Chandley class could not only function effectively as a combat vessel, but it could also beam its complement of 250 Marines in less than four minutes. The Chandley‘s large, winglike assemblies housed the Marines, their equipment, training areas, shuttlebay, and combat transporters. Each Marine platoon billet had its own spacious training, mess, dormitory, and recreation areas. The training areas, located in the central core of the wings, were made up of modules that could be positioned to resemble the interior of enemy ships and installations, which was largely credited for the high success rate of boarding actions.[1]

The Chandley was the only ship in Starfleet named after the company that designed and built it; the company was owned by the descendants of Rear Admiral Thomas Chandley, one of the most decorated heroes of Terran history. Chandley, and admiral in the United States Navy, was well known for his brilliant blockade of Russian ports during the Aleutian Incident of 2003.[1]


Length 315 meters[1]
Width 262 meters[1]
Height 90 meters[1]
Decks 9 meters[1]
Mass 176,700 metric tons[1]
Crew 370[1]
Marines 250[1]
Cruising Speed Warp 6[1]
Emergency Speed Warp 8 for 12 hours[1]
Armaments 12 Type-VI phasers in 6 banks of 2; 4 torpedo launchers[1]


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