Spock (ST-06)
Spock, Vulcan male (ST-06)

Sarek (ST-03)
Sarek, Vulcan male (ST-03)

T'Pol (ENT-22)
T’Pol, Vulcan female (ENT-22)

Saavik (ST-03)
Saavik, Vulcan female (ST-03)

Species originating on Vulcan,[3] Vulcans were dedicated to a philosophy of emotional suppression in favor of total logic.[2]

Notable Vulcans


Chapel, Christine (Mirror)

Christine Chapel (Mirror) (MU IDW MI 05)
Christine Chapel (Mirror) (MU IDW MI 05)

Christine Chapel served as head nurse aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2265 when Commander James T. Kirk assassinated Captain Christopher Pike and assumed command of the vessel.[1]


  • 1. “Part V.” Star Trek: Mirror Images, Issue 5. Comic Book. October 2008. IDW Productions.
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Olson (ST-11)
Olson (ST-11)

ST11 Timeline

Olson served as the chief engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 under Captain Christopher Pike. Olson was eager to confront the Romulans after the brutal assault of the Battle of Vulcan, but his zealousness made him careless, which ultimately resulted in his death during an assault on the Narada.[1] Portrayed by Greg Ellis.


U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514

U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514 (ST-11)
U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514 (ST-11)

Commanded by Captain Richard Robau in 2233, the Starship Kelvin was assigned to patrol near the Klingon border. Also serving aboard the Kelvin were first officer Commander George Samuel Kirk, Sr., his wife Lieutenant Winona Kirk, and helmsman Lieutenant Pitts.[1, 2]

ST11 Timeline

On Stardate 2233.04, the Kelvin detected an anomaly near the Klingon border that resembled a “lightning storm in space.” Upon investigation, an enormous Romulan ship, the Narada, emerged, having traveled back in time from the year 2384. The Narada immediately attacked, crippling the Kelvin. Captain Robau boarded the Narada, but was killed when the Romulans realized what had happened to them. Commander Kirk, now in command, followed Captain Robau’s final instructionsto him, ordering an evacuation of the ship in order to implement General Order 13 — attempting a last-ditch effort to destroy the Narada by ramming it with the Kelvin. Kirk was forced to sacrifice himself in order to pilot the ship, but he saved more than 800 lives in the process.[1]


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U.S.S. Armstrong NCC-1784

Miranda Class (ST-02)
Miranda Class (ST-02)

The Starship Armstrong was a Miranda class vessel.[1]

ST11 Timeline

The Starship Armstrong was part of a Starfleet task force destroyed by the Narada in the Battle of Vulcan on Stardate 2258.42.[2]

The Armstrong‘s registry number was never given, but as every other ship has shared its registry number with its Prime Timeline counterpart, it seems logical that the Armstrong would, as well.


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Starbase 9

Starbase 9 (TOS DC v2 73)
Starbase 9 (TOS DC v2 73)

Primarily a resupply post[3] near Pyris VII,[2] Starbase 9, commanded in the 2260s by Commodore Lee Block,[3] hosted a larger-than-usual science complement, which studied incoming transmissions from unmanned monitoring stations left behind by Starfleet explorers. When something strange happened in deep space, the officers of Starbase 9 were usually among the first to hear about it.[3] In 2266, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was en route to Starbase 9 for resupply when a near-collision with an uncharted black star propelled the ship back in time.[1] Several months later, it was the closest base when the Enterprise visited Pyris VII.[2]


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Watchtower-class starbase (TOS-53)
Watchtower-class starbase (TOS-53)

The Federation asserted its sovereignty in space space through a series of starbases, which could be located on a planet’s surface or on a space station, or a combination of both. This network of starbases provided a wide range of services; starbases could act as supply posts, recreation facilities, scientific outposts, trade hubs, and administrative centers. While all starbases provided each of these services, many were noted for their superiority in one or two specific areas.[1]


Number Type Location Quadrant
1 Surface Berengaria VII Alpha
2 Station Between Beta Auriga, Camus II; Near Betreka Nebula, Planet Q Alpha
4 Station Lyris Corridor Unk.
6 Station Past Aldebaran Unk.
7 Station Unk. Unk.
8 Station Near Pollux II Unk.
9 K-series station Near Pyris VII Unk.
10 Station Near Gamma Hydra IV; near Bassen Rift, Romulan Neutral Zone Beta
11 Surface Planet Yko Alpha
12 Station Gamma 400 System, near Deneva Beta
13 Station Pharos Unk.
14 K-series station Unk. Unk.
20 Unk. Unk. Unk.
23 Unk. Onias Sector, near Triangle border Beta
24 R-1 class station Klingon border; near Khitomer, Hromi Cluster Beta
27 Surface Near Klingon border Beta
29 Unk. Unk. Unk.
36 Unk. Along Klingon border; near Krios, Ty’gokor Beta
39-Sierra Station Along Romulan border; Kaleb sector Beta
40 Unk. Unk. Unk.
41 Unk. Unk. Unk.
44 Station Near Mariotian Sector Unk.
45 Unk. Algol II Unk.
47 (a.k.a. “Vanguard”) Watchtower class station Taurus Reach Beta
56 Unk. Unk. Unk.
63 Unk. Unk. Unk.
67 Unk. Unk. Unk.
68 Unk. Unk. Unk.
73 Unk. Unk. Unk.
74 Spacedock station Tarsas III Unk.
82 Unk. Unk. Unk.
83 Unk. Unk. Unk.
84 Spacedock station Unk. Unk.
87 Unk. Near Boraal II Unk.
92 Spacedock station Unk. Unk.
97 Surface Unk. Unk.
99 R-1 class & Spacedock stations Unk. Unk.
103 Unk. Near Minos Unk.
105 Unk. Near Klingon Border Beta
108 Unk. Unk. Unk.
113 Unk. Unk. Unk.
117 Unk. Along Klingon border, near Krios Beta
118 Unk. Unk. Unk.
123 Unk. Near Klingon & Romulan borders; near Iconia, Iccobar Beta
124 Unk. Unk. Unk.
129 Unk. Near Alpha Majoris Alpha
133 Spacedock station Unk. Unk.
137 Unk. Unk. Unk.
152 Unk. Near Canopus System Beta
153 Unk. Unk. Unk.
157 Unk. Near Acamar System, Triangle border Beta
173 R-1 class station Sector 23, near Romulan border Beta
179 Surface Unk. Unk.
180 Spacedock station Near Tholian Assembly Alpha
185 Unk. Approx. 2 years, 7 months from System J-25 at warp 9 Beta
195 Surface Nilicia Sector Unk.
200 Unk. Unk. Unk.
201 Unk. Unk. Unk.
211 Station Near Sheva System, along Cardassian border; Dorvan Sector Alpha
212 Unk. Along Klingon border; near Relay Station 47, Veridian System Beta
214 Unk. Near Penthara IV Alpha
215 Spacedock station Unk. Unk.
218 Unk. Unk. Unk.
219 Unk. Unk. Unk.
220 Unk. Near Tyken’s Rift Unk.
227 Unk. Unk. Unk.
231 Unk. Unk. Unk.
234 Surface Triangle border Beta
247 Unk. Near Romulan Neutral Zone Beta
257 Station Bajor Sector Alpha
260 Unk. Near Mar Oscura Nebula Unk.
295 Unk. Unk. Unk.
301 Unk. Near Satarran space Unk.
310 Unk. Near Alpha Trianguli; Dorvan Sector Alpha
313 Unk. Near Guernica System Unk.
315 Unk. BeTau Sector Alpha
324 Unk. Unk. Unk.
328 Unk. Near Barson II Unk.
336 Unk. Unk. Unk.
343 Unk. Near Paulson Nebula, Triangle border Beta
375 R-1 class station Kalandra sector Alpha
401 Unk. Unk. Unk.
416 Unk. Near Ogus II Unk.
440 Unk. Unk. Unk.
495 Unk. Near Marijne VII Unk.
514 Unk. Near Izar Alpha
515 Surface Scylla Sector, near Epsilon IX Sector Unk.
621 Unk. Near Tzenkethi Coalition border Alpha
718 Unk. Near Romulan Border; Sector Z-6 Beta
Farspace Starbase Earhart Unk. Unk. Unk.
G-6 Unk. Near Betazed Alpha
Lya III Unk. Near Angosia III Unk.
Montgomery Surface Unk. Unk.
Xendi Starbase 9 Unk. Unk. Alpha



Chancellor Mirek (ENT-01-02)
Chancellor Mirek (ENT-01-02)

Marab (ENT-92)
Marab (ENT-92)

Kor (TOS-27)
Kor (TOS-27)

Klingon Ambassador (ST-06)
Klingon Ambassador (ST-06)

Worf (ST-09)
Worf (ST-09)

A humanoid, mammalian warrior society[1] from the planet Qo’noS (often transliterated as Kronos),[9] Klingons first encountered Humans in 2151, when a Klingon courier crash-landed on Earth.[20]
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Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy (TNG-219)
Starfleet Academy (TNG-219)

Starfleet Academy Seal (TNG-219)
Starfleet Academy Seal (TNG-219)

An institute of higher learning and training facility for Starfleet officer candidates,[1] Starfleet Academy was founded in 2161 with the motto, “Ex astris, scientia,” a Latin phrase that translates as “From the stars, knowledge.”[3] Modeled after military academies from throughout Earth‘s history, the Academy, located at the Presidio[3] in San Francisco,[2] classified its cadets[3] — or midshipmen, in naval parlance[2] — with rankings based on class seniority.[2] Although admission to the Academy was open to non-Federation citizens, they required a letter of recommendation from a senior Starfleet officer, such as when Nog, a Ferengi, wished to apply in 2371.[4]

In 2368, when Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D was asked to deliver the commencement address for the year’s graduating class, the occasion was marred by the loss of Cadet Joshua Albert in a training accident shortly before commencement was to occur.[3]

Red Squad

Starfleet Academy cadets in the 24th century were typically organized into squads of approximately a half-dozen cadets.[7] Although each squad was officially equal, the cadets in Red Squad were generally held to be the Academy’s elite students.[5] Members of Red Squad received their own dormitory, as well as other privileges, in addition to special training.[5] Because of this elite status, many cadets, including Nog[6] and his fellow Omega Squad cadet Matt Decker,[8] aspired to become part of Red Squad.

In 2372, however, Red Squad became an unwitting tool in Admiral Leyton‘s attempted coup of Earth’s government. Under orders from Leyton, Red Squad, commanded at the time by Cadet Riley Shepard, sabotaged Earth’s global power grid, which Leyton then blamed upon a Dominion attack.[5]


Starfleet Command

Starfleet Command (ST-04)
Starfleet Command (ST-04)

The operating authority for Starfleet,[1] Starfleet Command was based out of San Francisco on Earth,[2] though command facilities were also located on major worlds and starbases throughout Federation space.[3] The Chief of Starfleet Operations oversaw a staff of admirals, each responsible for a specific region or division.[4]