Captain B'Vat (STO)
Captain B’Vat (STO)

STO Timeline

Klingon.[1] In 2409, Admiral B’Vat attacked the peace talks between the Klingon Empire and the Federation on Regulus IV. The peace talks were saved by a nearby starship and Lieutenant Miral Paris of the U.S.S. Kirk.[1] B’Vat, who wished to keep the war with the Federation going, had several projects going to help make that desire a reality. B’Vat lured the ship that was quickly becoming a thorn in his side into a trap in the Briar Patch.[2] That failed to stop them, however, and the ship’s crew soon discovered that B’Vat had captured a Doomsday Machine planet killer, which he was attempting to control in the Imaga system; his research, however, had yielded the Hargh’Peng torpedo, which was capable of delivering a sufficient yield to destroy the planet killer.[3]

When that plan was also stopped by Starfleet, they soon found evidence that he was working on a project to research genetic engineering, having kidnapped Chiurgeon Ghee P’Trell and working with outlaw geneticist Amar Singh. Although Singh had gone far beyond B’Vat’s instructions by creating augmented Gorn warriors as well as Klingons, he nevertheless provided B’Vat with the information he needed.[4]

B’Vat then kidnapped Lieutenant Paris and used the Guardian of Forever to take her back in time.[5] When the Starfleet crew followed through an orbiting rift created by the Guardian that allowed the entire ship to travel through time, they found themselves in 2270 as the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was being attacked by several Klingon ships, including B’Vat’s. Driving off the attackers, the Enterprise was saved and the timeline was restored, but it soon became apparent that B’Vat and Paris had been in the past for quite some time.[6]

B’Vat had joined forces with his younger self in order to use Miral Paris’ unique DNA to undo the damage wrought in 2155 by an ill-advised attempt to create Klingon augments. When confronted by the Starfleet crew, the younger B’Vat revealed that the prophecy of the Kuvah’Magh had actually been given by a faction in the Temporal Cold War that had sought to enlist the aid of the Klingon Empire at some point in the past, and that the Klingons only refused after they had already been given a substantial amount of information about the future. Shamed by the dishonorable actions of his future self, Captain B’Vat helped the Starfleet crew to rescue Lieutenant Paris and defeat Admiral B’Vat; Captain B’Vat’s only request was that his older self be given an honorable death, the desire of any Klingon warrior.[6]


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