B’hava’el System

G-Type Star (STSC)
G-Type Star (STSC)

System with a G-Type star, circled by 14 planets, two of which were inhabited. Commonly known as the Bajor system, for its largest and most populated world, the system’s official name is taken from its parent star, B’hava’el.[4] The system regained its independence after decades of Cardassian occupation,[1] and relatively soon thereafter became a Federation member world.[3] It took an average of 29 seconds for a Galor-class warship to leave Cardassian space and arrive in Bajoran space.

I: Class-B
II: Class-B
III: Class-B
IV: Class-B
V: Class-N
VI: Class-L
VII: Bajor, Class-M (5 moons)
VIIe: Jerrado, Class-Y
VIII: Andros, Class-K (2 moons)
IX: Class-I
X: Class-I
XI: Class-J
XII: Class-C
XIII: Class-C
XIV: Class-C

NOTE: Prior to 2369, Jerrado (B’hava’el VIIe) was an inhabited Class M colony of Bajor. After 2369, it was turned into a Class-Y planet for use as an energy-production facility.[2]

Other notable features of the system include the Bajoran Wormhole, Deep Space Nine, and the Denorios Belt.[1]


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