B'Etor (ST-07)
B’Etor (ST-07)

A member of the Klingon Empire‘s politically influential House of Duras, B’Etor was the younger of Duras‘ two sisters. Following the death of Duras in 2367, B’Etor plotted unsuccessfully with her sister, Lursa, to seat Duras’ illegitimate son, Toral, as leader of the Klingon High Council, plunging the Empire into a civil war.[1] B’Etor subsequently dropped out of sight for nearly two years until she and her sister attempted to raise capital for their armies by selling bilitrium explosives to the Kohn-ma, a Bajoran terrorist organization, in late 2368.[2] In 2370 she and her sister illegally mined a magnesite ore deposit on Kalla III that belonged to the Pakleds. They later tried to sell the ore to the Yridians.[3] Later that year, B’Etor and Lursa obtained trilithium weapons technology from Dr. Tolian Soran, in hopes of making another attempt to conquer the Klingon Empire. When the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D stumbled upon their activities with Soran at the Amargosa Observatory, B’Etor and Lursa attacked the Enterprise. The sisters were killed when their D-12-class Bird of Prey was destroyed by the Enterprise.[4] Portrayed by Gwynyth Walsh.


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