Bashir, Richard

Husband to Amsha Bashir and father of Julian Bashir. Bashir held a wide variety of jobs during his life, ranging from serving as a ship’s steward to a stint in the diplomatic corps. Bashir and his wife were deeply concerned when their young son, Julian, exhibited serious learning disabilities. When Julian was six years old, Richard took him to Adigeon Prime to undergo an illegal genetic engineering procedure. While the DNA resequencing greatly enhanced Julian’s intellectual and physical abilities, it led to a rift between father and son because Julian felt himself to be an unnatural replacement for a defective child. Although the Bashir family was successful in maintaining the secret of Julian’s alteration for many years, the truth was revealed in 2373. Richard Bashir pleaded guilty to illegal genetic engineering and accepted a two-year sentence at the Federation Penal Settlement in New Zealand. Under the terms of the guilty plea, Julian Bashir was permitted to retain his Starfleet commission and his medical degree, since he was not responsible for his father’s action.[1] Portrayed by Brian George.


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