Barrows, Tonia

Tonia Barrows (TOS-17)Tonia Barrows (TOS-17)

Tonia Barrows (TOS-17)Tonia Barrows (TOS-17)

Crewman Tonia Barrows was assigned to a landing party to assess an unknown planet’s suitability for shore leave. The planet was controlled by an alien being known only as the Caretaker, who made the landing party’s wishes come true—often with fatal consequences.

Barrows, a fan of medieval fantasy, inadvertently conjured up a Don Juan. Dr. Leonard McCoy was attracted to the yeoman and came to her rescue when she later imagined a black knight, but the doctor was impaled by the knight’s lance. Barrows was relieved to eventually discover that McCoy had been restored by the Caretaker.[1]

Portrayed by Emily Banks.


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