Bajoran Interceptor

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A small, two-person spacecraft used to defend the high orbit of planet Bajor,[1] the Impulse Ship was the primary defense craft of the Bajoran military in the 2370s, armed with phasers and equipped with tractor beams for towing.[2] Two Bajoran impulse ships, flown by forces loyal to the Circle, were encountered by Deep Space Nine officers Kira and Dax as they attempted to reach the Bajoran Chamber of Ministers in 2370.[1] A two-craft patrol with orders not to let Skrreean ships land opened fire on Tumak‘s disabled ship and killed him on stardate 47391.2, after the youth took the ship out of anger when his people were denied immigration passage—and the countermand orders came too late.[2] The Impulse Ship could be used in both fighter (space) and raider (atmospheric) configurations. It measured 33.10 meters in length, 33.17 meters in beam, and 11.23 meters in height, massing 108.96 metric tons, with a maximum delta-v of 15,600 meters per second. It was armed with six or more phased polaron beam weapons, and potentially other weapons as well.[3]


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