Armus (TNG-122)

A malevolent life-form on the planet Vagra II. Armus was formed when the inhabitants of Vagra II developed a means of ridding themselves of all that was evil within themselves. The Vagrans all departed from their home as creatures of dazzling beauty, leaving behind Armus, whose malevolence was compounded by the loneliness of having been abandoned. Armus resembled an oil slick, but was capable of forming himself into humanoid shape, and could also generate forcefields of considerable strength. Armus killed Enterprise-D security chief Tasha Yar when she was participating in a rescue mission on Vagra II. Armus had no apparent motive for the murder, except for his own amusement. Armus is believed to still exist on the planet’s surface.[1] Portrayed by Mart McChesney.


Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 Library, Next Generation, Personnel

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