Archer, Jonathan

Jonathan Archer (ENT-31)
Jonathan Archer (ENT-80)

Young Jonathan Archer (ENT-01-02)
Young Jonathan Archer (ENT-01-02)

Jonathan Archer mutated into a Loque'eque (ENT-55)
Jonathan Archer mutated into a Loque’eque (ENT-55)

Human.[1] Starfleet Serial Number: SA-022-9237-CY.[5] Son of famed warp specialist Henry Archer and Sally Archer, Jonathan Archer was appointed captain of Starfleet‘s first warp five starship, 1, 5] As an explorer and peacemaker, his name is among the most recognized in the Federation, and his pioneering voyages aboard the Enterprise came to be known to school children on dozens of worlds, many of which were unknown to humans in Archer’s lifetime. Historian John Gill called Archer the “greatest explorer of the 22nd Century.”[5]

Archer earned an impressive list of commendations during his career, including the Medal of Valor, with clusters; the Star Cross; the Preantares Ribbon of Commendation; and the Federation Citation of Honor. Archer was also appointed an honorary member of the Andorian Imperial Guard by General Thy’lek Shran in 2164.[5] Archer had numerous astronomical bodies named in his honor, including: Archer’s Comet,[3] Archer’s Planet in the Gamma Trianguli sector,[4] and Archer IV, which orbits 61 Ursae Majoris.[4, 5] Archer IV was the first M-Class world charted by the famous explorer. Although the planet was uninhabitable throughout the 22nd Century due to toxic pollen in the atmosphere,[2] an antidote to the pollen was discovered early in the 2200’s. Within 60 years, the population of Archer IV numbered more than seven hundred million.[5]

Though he was born in upstate New York, Archer was raised in San Francisco.[1] After commanding the Enterprise for ten years, the ship was decommissioned following the formation of the Federation.[6] Archer eventually became Starfleet Chief of Staff, and retired at the rank of Admiral. He later served as Earth‘s ambassador to Andoria from 2169-2175, then as a member of the Federation Council representing Earth from 2175-2183, and ultimately Federation President from 2184-2192.[5] Archer died peacefully at his home in upstate New York in 2245, exactly one day after attending the christening ceremony of the first Federation Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701.[5]

Portrayed by Scott Bakula.


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