Andorian surface (ENT-90)
Andorian Surface (ENT-90)

Andoria was an icy moon orbiting a ringed gas giant[5] in the Procyon System.[6] In the 22nd century, the temperature rose above the freezing point of water only a few weeks at a time in some zones, which was considered a heat wave. Andorian cities were built underground to take advantage of geothermal energy.[5]

The Andorian homeworld,[4] sometimes called “Andor,”[2] was a longtime member of the Federation whose inhabitants were distinguished by their blue skin, white hair and antennae.[1] The planet was also host to an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, who lived in isolation from the rest of their world. The albino Aenar were blind but strongly telepathic.[5] Also native to the planet were ice borers[5] and flying mammals called redbats.[3]


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