Technophobic leader of a colony that settled on planet Orellius in 2360. Alixus was a philosopher and a prolific writer who felt that technology had been the undoing of modern society. Her group had originally planned to colonize planet Gemulon V, but a systems malfunction forced their transport ship, the S.S. Santa Maria, to land on Orellius. It was not learned until ten years later tha Alixus had planned the forced landing in order to establish a society that conformed to her ideals. Alixus had selected Orellius because it was far from shipping lanes, and even went so far as to create a duonetic field around the colony site, to make it impossible for her followers to use any advanced technology. Although many of her followers seemed happy with this way of life, Alixus was responsible for several deaths because she also rejected any form of technologically-based medicine. After her colony was accidentally discovered in 2370 by Benjamin Sisko and Miles O’Brien of Deep Space 9, Alixus and her son, Vinod, were taken into custody for having permitted these deaths.[1]

Portrayed by Gail Strickland.


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