Akira class

Akira class (ST-08)
Akira class (ST-08)

Akira class (ST-08)
Akira class (ST-08)

The Akira class was a midsize starship with heavy armament, first commissioned in 2265.[2] The warp pylons were swept downward and were attached to two catamaran-like secondary hulls, which were connected to the dorsal side of the primary hull. An elevated weapons module was located between the two secondary hulls. The Akira class had two shuttlebay doors at the aft and one central door at the fore end of the saucer.[1]

Ships of the class

Name Registry
U.S.S. Akira[3] NCC-62497
U.S.S. Black Elk[3] NCC-62878
U.S.S. Constant[4] Unk.
U.S.S. Geronimo[3] NCC-62501
U.S.S. Kelvin[5] Unk.
U.S.S. Mateo[3] NCC-63002
U.S.S. Nez Perce[3] NCC-62891
U.S.S. Osceola[3] NCC-62743
U.S.S. Rabin[3] NCC-63293
U.S.S. Red Cloud[3] NCC-63306
U.S.S. Rideout[6] Unk.
U.S.S. Spector[3] NCC-63015
U.S.S. Spector[3] NCC-65549
U.S.S. Susquehanna[3] NCC-63419
U.S.S. Thunderchild[1] NCC-63549


Length 440 meters[2]
Width 316 meters[2]
Height 67 meters[2]
Mass 3,000,000 metric tons[2]
Decks 19[2]
Crew 500[2]
Evacuation limit 4500[2]
Cruising Speed Warp 6 (max. sustainable Warp 8)[2]
Emergency Speed Warp 9.8 for 12 hours[2]
Weapons 6 Type X phaser beam emitters; 2 torpedo launchers[2]


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