Akaar, Leonard James

Akaar, Leonard James (TOS-32)
Leonard James Akaar (TOS-32)

Son of Eleen and Teer Akaar on planet Capella IV, born 2267. Leonard James Akaar was the hereditary leader, or teer, of the Ten Tribes on that planet, and was named after Enterprise Captain James Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy. Akaar’s mother, Eleen, ruled as regent during his childhood. Eleen’s decision to name the boy after the two Starfleet officers was believed to have made both of them insufferably proud for at least a month, according to Enterprise executive officer Spock.[1]

Akaar grew to rule his planet justly in the tradition of the men who saved him, and stated such in 2288, when he spoke before the Federation Council, to defend the alleged violation of the Prime Directive which had allowed him to live.[2]

Nearly a century later, Akaar was a senior Starfleet admiral, and participated in the events leading up to the admission of Bajor to the Federation.[3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

STO Timeline

In 2409, Admiral Akaar was involved in negotiations with the Elder Chief of planet Aelas to acquire rights for the Federation to mine topaline, a situation complicated by the presence of Klingon Captain Ja’rod, who was also seeking mining rights for the Klingon Empire.[8]


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