ST11 Universe Timeline

ST Universe Timeline (Film, Novels, Comic Books, 2009-present)





  • Nero escapes from Rura Penthe.[ST-11]
  • Stardate 2258.41. Spock (Prime) emerges from a temporal rift, transported from the future of the Prime Universe. He is immediately captured by Nero and, after a battle between the Narada and 47 Klingon ships that ends with the total destruction of the Klingon fleet, Spock (Prime) is stranded on Delta Vega, a planetoid near Vulcan.[ST-11]
  • Stardate 2258.42. Kirk takes the Kobayashi Maru test for the third time, this time reprogramming the simulator to make it possible to beat the “no-win” scenario. Placed on academic suspension pending a review, Kirk is grounded when the cadets are mobilized to assist in rescue operations on Vulcan. Brought aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 for its maiden voyage by McCoy, Kirk realizes the “disaster” on Vulcan is in fact an attack, and his warning to Captain Pike results in the Enterprise being the only ship to survive the engagement. Unable to stop Nero, however, Vulcan is destroyed, killing more than six billion in the process, including Amanda Grayson and Enterprise Chief Engineer Olson. Kirk, who was named first officer of the Enterprise under Commander Spock in Pike’s absence, is removed from the ship and left on a nearby planet, where he meets Spock (Prime) and Montgomery Scott. With Spock (Prime) and Scott’s assistance, Kirk and Scott beam aboard the Enterprise, which has begun to warp away. Kirk follows Spock (Prime)’s advice and has the younger Spock removed from command, then assumes command of the Enterprise. He takes the ship to Earth, where Nero has already begun work to attempt to destroy that planet as well. With the combined efforts of the entire crew, Kirk and Spock are able to stop Nero, lure him away from Earth, rescue Pike, and destroy the Narada.[ST-11]
  • Kirk is breveted to captain and given command of the Enterprise, succeeding the now-promoted Admiral Pike.[ST-11]