Prime: Thousands of Years Ago (Page 1)

997,800 B.C.E. | 997,626 B.C.E. | 995,600 B.C.E. | 990,000 B.C.E. | 970,000 B.C.E.
950,000 B.C.E. | 810,700 B.C.E. | 808,000 B.C.E. | 597,736 B.C.E. | 597,730 B.C.E.
597,716 B.C.E. | 597,715 B.C.E. | 597,711 B.C.E. | 597,706 B.C.E. | 597,666 B.C.E.
597,643 B.C.E. | 597,636 B.C.E. | 540,828 B.C.E. | 497,740 B.C.E. | 497,736 B.C.E.
497,710 B.C.E. | 497,700 B.C.E. | 497,636 B.C.E. | 497,626 B.C.E. | 497,624 B.C.E.
497,620 B.C.E. | 310,700 B.C.E. | 309,629 B.C.E. | 307,629 B.C.E. | 304,710 B.C.E.
297,736 B.C.E. | 297,730 B.C.E. | 297,630 B.C.E. | 200,000 B.C.E. | 197,861 B.C.E.
197,737 B.C.E. | 197,736 B.C.E. | 197,725 B.C.E. | 197,665 B.C.E. | 197,635 B.C.E.
197,625 B.C.E. | 170,236 B.C.E. | 150,000 B.C.E. | 147,629 B.C.E. | 107,624 B.C.E.
102,700 B.C.E. | 101,700 B.C.E. | 100,000 B.C.E. | 97,800 B.C.E.

997,800 B.C.E.

  • Oyya, the 2,000 square kilometer city of the Guardian of Forever, is established on the Time Planet (Gateway) by the Originators.
    [Log-01, TOS #039]
  • The ruins of the creators of the Titans date back to this period. The spaceborne Titans are genetically-engineered to guard their tombs.
    [CT #6]

997,626 B.C.E.

  • 0 tries to seize control of the Coulalakritous (later called the Calamarain) despite Q‘s protests. 0 succeeds in compressing the gaseous lifeforms into a petrified ball of freezing plasma. An older Q and Picard (from 2374) witness it. Returning to the Time Planet, 0 uses the Guardian of Forever to retrieve past associates from distant realms, bringing them into our universe. These beings are Gorgan, (*), and The One. Gorgan will be responsible for the destruction of a pirate empire near Triacus. (*), later known in the Starfleet database as the Beta XII-A entity, will destroy Cheron and spark a conflict between Commander Kang and Captain Kirk. The One will entice Sybok to hijack the Enterprise-A to the galactic core.
    [TNG #048, TOS-60, TOS-66, ST-05]

995,600 B.C.E.

990,000 B.C.E.

  • The accelerated Bodas come to a complete understanding of themselves, their dead Masters, and their works—and now call themselves Rigellians. Their sun is unstable and will eventually go nova and destroy the entire system. In addition, the Boda race is plagued by muscle and bone problems caused by their hasty genetic manipulation which, owing to the deliberate policy of the Masters, cannot be corrected. Moreover, the Masters have left them the custody of thousands of kilometers of archive shelves crammed with billions of pages of documents, tons of computer tapes and tabs, and mounds of models, monuments, plaques, and other marks of dubious achievement and self-congratulation. The Rigellians destroy most of it, finding the idea of preserving their memory to be abhorrent. As a means of making amends and redeeming their own consciences, they open Rigel to all races for trade and development.

970,000 B.C.E.

  • The Rigellians sponsor a number of cooperative ventures in order to educate other races, to correct the damages of their Masters in other star systems, and to regulate trade. Of all of them, only the Rigel Trade Authority does not fail. The Rigellians learn that they cannot teach entire alien cultures to avoid attractive mistakes, no matter how noble their intentions.

950,000 B.C.E.

  • The Rigellians withdraw from public view and content themselves with occassional “corrective measures” applied from afar to cure the galaxy’s most visible and obnoxious ills.

810,700 B.C.E.

808,000 B.C.E.

  • About this time the Alcawellians evolve on Alcawell. They will perfect time travel and colonize hundreds of Periods in their planet’s history.
    [VOY #02]

597,736 B.C.E.

  • With the home star of the Tkon Empire dying, the inhabitants begin work on a massive project called the Great Endeavor. To literally move the sun itself out of the solar system and replace it with a younger star taken from an uninhabited system light years distant. The massive matter-transference array, a spherical lattice several times the diameter of the star itself, will take a century to construct.
    [TNG #048]

597,730 B.C.E.

  • The Arretians colonize the known galaxy. In the 40 Eridani system, they may have used gene-splicing techniques on proto-Vulcans, possibly explaining the Vulcan/Romulan faction split in Vulcan prehistory.

597,716 B.C.E.

  • (Age of Xora)
    Glevi Ut Sov begins her reign as the final Empress of the Tkon Empire, the Empire of the Endless Flame.
    [TNG #048]

597,715 B.C.E.

597,711 B.C.E.

  • Gorgan sparks a rebellion against the Empress on the 11th planet (Rzom) in the primary system of the Tkon Empire.
    [TNG #048]

597,706 B.C.E.

  • A space battle between the Tkon and Rzom worlds is unleashed by (*), the hatred generating strength in the creature.
    [TNG #048]

597,666 B.C.E.

597,643 B.C.E.

  • An earthquake inflicts damage on the Tkon homeworld.
    [TNG #048]

597,636 B.C.E.

  • (Age of Makto)
    In the Tkon Empire, it is the 80th year of the Empress Glevi Ut Sov’s reign. The Great Endeavour is completed as the largest matter-transference array ever constructed is engaged. The Empress calls for an immediate cessation of all hostilities throughout both the Tkon Empire and the Rzom Alliance. 0 accelerates the death of the star and induces a supernova, wiping out the Tkon Empire. A much older Q and Picard (from 2374) watch the horrific spectacle. The Tkon empire may have been forged by the Devil’s Heart which came to the homeworld as a meteor when the natives were a simple hunting culture. At the height of their power, the Tkon Empire numbered in the trillions. Only a small number of distant outposts will survive. Delphi Ardu, a desolate world, will be discovered by the Enterprise-D in 2364. Its sole inhabitant, Portal 63, hails from the Age of Bastu, centuries before the supernova.
    [TNG #048, GN-13, TNG-107]
  • Young Q, 0, Gorgan, The One, and (*) face the wrath of the Q Continuum for the extermination of the Tkon Empire. They flee. In the Detrian system, 0 detonates a planet’s solid dilithium core, triggering a matter-antimatter explosion. Their battle against the Continuum will last 100,000 years and wreak havoc on the galaxy…
    [TNG #049]

540,828 B.C.E.

  • In the Magellanic Clouds, the First Hive is constructed for the Great Design and the Crossing begins (a multi-generational intergalactic voyage to the Milky Way galaxy). None of the worlds in the Megallanic Clouds are considered suitable, and a warlike and agressive alien race has conquered most of the territory (possibly the Flying Parasites?). During the journey, the 203rd (incarnation of the) Hive will secretly result in an aggressive Hivemaster succession intent on annihilating all who stand in their way, and an agoraphobic change in the Great Design’s purpose to terraform an uninhabited world.
    [DS9 #015, STM]
  • On Bajor, civilization flourishes and Bajoran culture is born. Gorgan, escaping from the Q Continuum‘s wrath, dives into the Bajoran wormhole and encounters the wormhole entities within who impede his progress. Brightly colored streaks across Bajor’s sky will result, as though the Celestial Temple is aflame, and they will be noted as such by the inhabitants of B’hala.
    [TNG-203, DS9 #023, TNG #049]
  • Fossils excavated on Itamish III in 2375 by Captain Picard and Professor Gedruva date back to this era.

497,740 B.C.E.

  • The star Exo begins to dim and will continue to do so over the next half million years. The inhabitants of Exo III (later known as “the Old Ones” by their creations) will be driven underground, resulting in a mechanistic culture of androids. Exo’s energy drain is attributed to The One‘s war with the Q Continuum. The One sapped the star’s energy to use against Quinn in the altercation. One Exoan (later known only as “Sam”) dooms his people and damns himself by conceiving the plan to give the androids self-awareness, driving their servants mad with a desire for something they could never possess. He will be the first to successfully transfer his consciousness—and stow away aboard Vaslovik’s ship in 2304.
    [TOS-09, TNG #049, TNG #064]

497,736 B.C.E.

  • The F9 star Careta gradually begins to fade.
    [TOS #065]

497,710 B.C.E.

  • The Cetacean Probe‘s construction is completed, having taken centuries of time and half the resources of the creators’ world. Its purpose is to search for life forms similar to its creators.

497,700 B.C.E.

  • The once Class M planet Arret’s atmosphere is ripped away during civil war. A handful of survivors take shelter in subterranean caves. The Rigellians have nothing to do with this war but are pleasantly surprised at this brutal event, which restores their faith in justice. The Rigellians have become complacent and cynical, involving themselves less and less with alien races. Note that the Arretian civil war (one side being the Northern Coalition) was started and fueled by (*) in its battle with the Q Continuum.
    [FASA, TOS-51]

497,636 B.C.E.

  • The Q Continuum triumphs over 0, Young Q, Gorgan, and (*). Gorgan and (*) retreat into a black hole, the remains of the Tkon system. The One is confined to the galactic core, behind a Great Barrier accretion disk extending out 13 light years from the galactic center. 0, still unable to travel at hyperlight velocity, is confined to the intergalactic void, exiled from the Milky Way galaxy. The Q Continuum erects an energy barrier around the galaxy to protect the Milky Way from 0, banished without parole. The Enterprise crew will confront both barriers. During 0’s final struggle, a solid iridium asteroid is hurled at the female Q. Q hastily rips open the fabric of the space-time continuum and plunges the asteroid millions of years back in time where it will impact Earth and consequently extinguish the dinosaurs. Q’s punishment will be to personally oversee the reconstruction of Earth’s biosystem and its life forms.
    [TNG #049, ST-05, TOS-01]
  • Q, disoriented by Trelane‘s assault (circa 2370) is in a disassociated, totally noncorporeal state of free-floating energy at the edge of the galaxy. Suffering from amnesia, Q will inhabit the Energy Barrier at the galactic rim until well into the 23rd Century.
  • It is speculated that the Badlands‘ plasma storms may have begun as recently as this time.

497,626 B.C.E.

  • In the Delta Quadrant, a space-time rift rips apart the fifth planet in the Birsiba system and consequently will reappear every few thousand years near, inside, or just above every planet in the system. In 2374, the rift will interfere with the operation of the Birsiban worldwide transport system and cause a parallel universe population-shifting catastrophe.
    [VOY #15]

497,624 B.C.E.

  • In the Gamma Quadrant, a multidimensional alien ‘cathedral’ artifact is constructed.
    [DS9 #032]
  • The Q Continuum turns their attention toward assisting other races in attaining culture and technology. It will be a short-lived policy.
    [G #7]

497,620 B.C.E.

310,700 B.C.E.

309,629 B.C.E.

  • On Alcawell, a team led by a man named Caxton discovers time travel. They quickly learn that time lines could be changed with just the slightest of tampering and a very small, powerful circle is founded to police time travel violations. Population density is a problem to the Alcawellians and space travel is quickly phased out following poor spacecraft design. Colonizing the planet’s history into Periods (500,000 year chunks) is the solution and the Alcawellians begin to live in different eras.
    [VOY #02]

307,629 B.C.E.

  • (3,071 Real Time, Period 889)
    The Voyager away team consisting of Lieutenant Torres, Ensign Kim, and Neelix accidentally commit an intraperiod journey back 310,000 years to this year by tampering with an abandoned time shuttle on the planet Alcawell. They will in turn be brought back to Period 1 (circa 44 million B.C.E.) to Mean Time Control HQ.
    [VOY #02]

304,710 B.C.E.

  • At the galactic rim, tens of thousands of Borg ships attack the Cetacean Probe, inflicting damage to its crystal memory. The Borg trace the path of the Cetacean Probe back to its homeworld (a distance of some 30,000 parsecs) and strike the planet. This Second Winnowing slaughters thousands before the inhabitants shatter their own homeworld’s moon to construct an evacuation fleet from the rubble.
  • Roughly this is the period of the construction of an installation in the Caltiskan system to control an alien extradimensional probe.
    [TNG #063]

297,736 B.C.E.

  • The xenophobic Kh!lict civilization arises on the planet Careta IV. Over the next 100 millennia they will exterminate every intelligent race they encounter. The Kl!lict extermination will account for 73% of the ‘orphan’ cultures in the sector.
    [TOS #065]

297,730 B.C.E.

  • The Multimillennials’ home ship is constructed.
    [TOS #094]

297,630 B.C.E.

  • A Vulcan etching containing a Mayan-like language dates from this era. A new analysis of the artifact will be conducted in 2370 and reviewed by Captain Picard. The first Vulcan texts, however, are some 250,000 years in the future.
    [TNG #033, NWNC]

200,000 B.C.E.

  • The Rigellians are finally able to reverse the genetic flaws in their DNA and RNA during this era, and no longer will be born with a shuffling gait and bone problems.

197,861 B.C.E.

  • The earliest known interdimensional Gateway dates from this year.
    [G #3]

197,737 B.C.E.

197,736 B.C.E.

  • With the sun dimming and Careta IV’s geothermal resources tapped to the max, the Kl!ict civilization collapses.
    [TOS #065]

197,725 B.C.E.

197,665 B.C.E.

197,635 B.C.E.

  • The Iconian Empire dies out when the homeworld is annihilated by orbital bombardment, but not before tens of thousands of Iconians escape to the remote outposts of Ikkabar, DiWahn, and Dynasia. Kanda Jiak, the last Iconian, deserts Iconia via a Gateway taking with him the Devil’s Heart to Vulcan where he dies. Ancient texts will describe the Iconians as “demons of air and darkness” and other civilizations will fear them. By 2370, Starbase 211’s Kraybon Collection museum will contain the only known example of a Fire Sceptre from the ruins of Iconia Primus. In 2372, a renegade group of Jem’Hadar will discover a non-operational Iconian gateway on Vandros IV in the Gamma Quadrant. During the gateway crisis of 2376, it will be learned that the Iconians did not entirely become extinct, but surviving members adopted a non-intervention policy. Q will also claim that the Q Continuum gave the Iconians technology which led to their downfall—thus the Continuum also adopted the same policy.
    [TNG-137, GN-13, TNG #039, DS9-496, G #7].
  • There are two types of Iconian Gateways: the older ones that can move ships across great distances are usually located in planetary orbits, and later smaller ones on planets that can take people from one place to another. An even smaller, hand-held (Iconian?) Gateway will make its way to Overseer Kira Nerys in 2369 in the Mirror universe.
    [G #4, DP #1]

197,625 B.C.E.

170,236 B.C.E.

  • The Meztorien civilization arises.
    [TOS #065]

150,000 B.C.E.

  • Rigel A begins to show signs of instability. The alarmed Rigellians delve into their past to rediscover the technology used by the Masters and rejuvenate their sun. They succeed in draining Rigel of its helium ash and replenishing its hydrogen. Rigel may burn for another million years without tampering.

147,629 B.C.E.

  • The Alcawellians discover how to easily cross the boundaries of alternate universe timelines where the Alcawellians never evolved, and begin to colonize them. The Second Exodus and the desertion of Alcawell begins. In 150,000 years, Alcawell will be uninhabited in this timeline and there will be an estimate of over two hundred billion Alcawellians occupying over 8 million alternate timelines.
    [VOY #02]

107,624 B.C.E.

  • The Borg assimilate the Hirogen homeworld in the Delta Quadrant. The surviving Hirogen radically alter their lifestyle and civilization to cope with the Borg menace.

102,700 B.C.E.

  • Interstellar war breaks out between the satanic Furies, rulers of the Alpha Quadrant civilizations, and the insectoid “Unclean” viroids. The Unclean will sweep across the 217 million systems known and mapped by the Furies, immune to the Furies’ terror-projection weaponry. Taken by surprise, the host (666 separate races bound together into a single people) are driven first from the planets at the galactic rim (suggesting that the Unclean hail from outside the galaxy). The war will rage for 100,000 years.
    [VOY #09]

101,700 B.C.E.

  • At the end of the first millennium of the war, the Furies are forced to retreat from the rim of the galaxy by the Unclean. For century after century the Furies retreat. The first great stand engages 93,109,907 Fury vessels as recorded by Subcrat Ramszak the Ok’San. The last great stand will involve a mere 50,000 ships…
    [VOY #09]

100,000 B.C.E.

  • An unknown race (possibly related to the Sarpeidons) engineers a Dyson Sphere habitat. A volume of 200 light years of space will be mined for the raw materials, resulting in the Great Wall void.
    [TNG #050, TNG-230]

97,800 B.C.E.

  • Atomic warfare on Talos IV destroys the surface of the planet and drives the Talosians underground. While they develop impressive mental powers their technology degenerates and eventually they will lose all knowledge of their ancestors’ tools and machines.
    [TOS-00, TOS-15, TOS-16]