Prime: Distant Past

| 16 Billion B.C.E. | 12 Billion B.C.E. | 10 Billion B.C.E. | 9 Billion B.C.E.
7 Billion B.C.E. | 6 Billion B.C.E. | 5.5 Billion B.C.E. | 4.99 Billion B.C.E.
4.2 Billion B.C.E. | 4.04 Billion B.C.E. | 4.025 Billion B.C.E. | 4 Billion B.C.E.
3.5 Billion B.C.E. | 3 Billion B.C.E. | 2 Billion B.C.E. | 1 Billion B.C.E.

  • The M Contiuum and Q Continuum exist before time itself, as do the supreme beings which inhabit these continuums…and beyond.

16 Billion? B.C.E.

  • The Big Bang forms the universe, theoretically triggered by the Omega Molecule. A collapse of a monobloc of 10 dimensions, leaving 4 readily accessible. The philosopher Q (Quinn) briefly takes the Starship Voyager back to the universe’s birth, from 2372, to elude Q. Q claims that he also hid here from the Q Continuum once. Dark matter particles are the first things to fill all universes. Three minutes after creation, the universe consists of a 3:1 hydrogen-helium ratio in a super-hot medium. In the 23rd Century, the Starship Enterprise will encounter duplicate conditions in the Beta Castellini system (Sector 79F) resulting from an emerging mini-universe. In 2068, Herbert Samuelson will discover positive proof for the universe being “pulsating” in that after the Big Bang the universe will expand, fall back into a “cosmic egg,” then expand again with a new Big Bang. The growing-dying-growing cycle will be an old Alpha Centaurian worldview, and possibly form Schlezholt’s theory of multiple Big Bangs.
    [VOY-240, VOY-205, TNG #063, VOY-189, VOY-131, VOY #019, TOS #041]
  • The Eye of Talek black hole is formed.
    [DW #1]
  • The Redjac entity comes into existence (or so it will claim).

12 Billion B.C.E.

  • Tlaoli IV is formed in Sector Alpha 19.
    [JG #1]

10 Billion B.C.E.

9 Billion B.C.E.

  • The Black Cluster is formed in Sector 97 when protostars collapse in close proximity—eventually one of the most ancient formations in the galaxy.
  • The planet Alcawell is also formed about this time in the Delta Quadrant.
    [VOY #02]
  • The Nagha, an immense super computer, is constructed by an unknown organic race. Millions of years later it will evolve into a thinking intelligence, enslave its own creators, and exterminate them.
    [ON #06]

7 Billion B.C.E.

  • The planet Janus VI is formed, the homeworld of the silicon-based Horta.
    [TNG #050]

6 Billion B.C.E.

5 Billion B.C.E.

  • The Uri Taug system is formed. It will be destroyed in 2262.
    [TOS #079]
  • Q, newly born, creates an energy ribbon while playing inside a star. Imbuing it with his own extraordinary energies, Q‘s energy ribbon might be later known as the Nexus temporal energy ribbon. Q‘s childhood will later be interrupted when the Continuum scolds him for playing with antimatter at so young an age. He is disciplined by being required to spend the next 10 million cycles in solitary meditation. When Q takes Picard on a tour of his childhood from 2374, they witness it.
    [TNG #047]

4.99 Billion B.C.E.

  • Young Q‘s period of solitary meditation is completed.
    [TNG #047]

4.2 Billion B.C.E.

4.04 Billion B.C.E.

4.025 Billion B.C.E.

  • The Picard message probe becomes buried on an unnamed world where it will remain hidden for at least 25 million years.

4 Billion B.C.E.

  • The first of the humanoid races seeds worlds throughout the galaxy with humanoid genetic code. An advanced computer algorithm message is imbedded within the DNA and scattered in pieces throughout at least 19 planets. They might be the Imotru, or possibly their descendants will be.
    [TNG-246, TNG #047]
  • A genetically-coded holomessage of thanks from Captain Jean-Luc Picard (c. 2370) is decoded and viewed by this first humanoid race.
  • Tectonic activity begins on Vulcan (40 Eridani A II) with continental plates moving apart at major fault lines at the rate of several centimeters per year. It is one of the most geologically active environments.
    [TOS #068]
  • Pollux IV is formed.
  • Fragments from a comet on the fringe of Krenim space in the Delta Quadrant impacts a planet. Hydrocarbons will give rise to plant life which in turn will sustain more complex organisms and ultimately several spacefaring civilizations will evolve to colonize the entire sector. By 2374 (at least in one timeline) 8,000 civilizations will inhabit the sector.

3.5 Billion B.C.E.

  • Life begins on Earth (Sol III). In an alternate timeline, an anti-time anomaly orginating from the late 24th Century wipes out life on Earth before it can begin. Captain Picard and Q witness the phenomena from France as it fills an entire quadrant of the galaxy.
  • A Preserver artifact is created. In 2366 it will be recovered by the Starship Enterprise-D as an imbedded object within a false Borg decoy planted by Romulan pawns to release Colonel Thorsen’s personality matrix into the Enterprise‘s computer.
  • The Shepherds begin to understand the nature of dark matter and begin guarding it, making certain that all the universes remain at the critical balance (the Omega Balance).
    [VOY #21]

3 Billion B.C.E.

2 Billion B.C.E.

  • The Tagus III civilization flourishes. By the 23rd Century it will be long extinct and an archaeological interest. In 2374, Q will take Picard back to this period on a tour of his younger days to witness the fabled Sky Divers of Tagus III. A barbaric ceremony enjoyed by young Q (at times with his young female Q date), he will view the spectacle every year for a millennia until their extinction. The ancient Taguans call themselves the Imotru and bear a distinct resemblance to the unnamed humanoid genetic code seeding beings of some 2 billion years earlier, suggesting a common evolutionary link.
    [TNG-194, TNG #047]

1 Billion B.C.E.

  • The galaxy-wide Slaver Empire is destroyed when one race revolts against the Slavers. Most intelligent life of this time is destroyed, and the only remnants of the Slaver Empire are stasis boxes and their contents. One such stasis box, containing a flying belt, will be the key to the artificial gravity field used by starships. Another will contain a disruptor bomb with the pin pulled. The Klingons will find far fewer stasis boxes, perhaps only two.
  • Roughly during this time period, in another galaxy, the “Intellivore” (also known as the “Iruhe” and “Iaehh”) planetary group mind thrives. Over a thousand years they build a planet with an array of warp engines, powered by some 800 pools of antimatter. Thriving on the mental energies of other beings, the immense planetary ship will drain its home galaxy dry of life. Then it will take to intergalactic space and enter our galaxy. The Intellivore will either directly or indirectly be responsible for the decline of many old races.
    [TNG #045, TOS #035]
  • Gemworld (in Sector 691) is an ocean world rich in minerals and lifeforms. In this supersaturated solution, mammoth crystals begin to gradually take over. The water will evaporate and a myriad of unique species will evolve: the Lipuls, Alpusta, Yilterns, Frills, Gendlii, and Elaysians. The inhabitants will eventually learn how to stimulate and control the growth of the crystals. In time the water will recede and fractal models will be used to stimulate crystal growth. The planet will lose mass over millennia and the inhabitants will build a force field shell to contain the atmosphere, eventually yielding a low-gravity artificial habitat.
    [TNG #058, TNG #059]
  • The advanced space-faring race known as the Skour inhabit the Rigel system.