Prime: Centuries Ago (Page 3)

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  • Lieutenant Tom Paris will design a holodeck program aboard Voyager based upon this period in Earth history. Most of the action will take place aboard a galleon called The Captain’s Lady with Paris written as a dashing pirate captain.
    [VOY #14]
  • On Romulus, the constant conflict between city-states and tribes over the planet’s scanty resources comes to an end. Caranam, Portora, Kanassarum, Labasasz, Dinalla, Pulla’d, Farrad, D’Sivas, Ranassa, Timuraasz, Calanista, and Manasan emerge as world-leading city-states.


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.



  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


  • The Orion Indian Summer rekindles interest in both employing Greys and re-occupying lost and abandoned colonies. Over the next century and a half, Ruddies will attempt several methods to control Greys before settling on genetic mutilation.



  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).

  • 1726

    • ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift is anonymously published. Captain Kirk will refer to the Terratin colony as a Lilliputian city, in reference to this novel.


    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



    • Patrick O’Heyne and Mercy Starrett are born on Earth during this period.
      [DoH #1]


    • Alexander “Sandy” Leonfeld and his cousin Jeremiah Coverman are born on Earth. Leonfeld is one of Alexander Rozhenko‘s ancestors.
      [DoH #1]


    • The Titans migrate to Devernia. The spaceborne Titans will be domesticated and utilized for interstellar travel. The neighboring system containing Aronnia will be colonized.
      [CT #6]



    • Horatio Nelson, British commander, is born on Earth. Many vessels (sea-going and spacecraft) will carry his name. Nelson will command the H.M.S. Victory, which many vessels will also be named after, and Geordi La Forge will construct a model of the original sailing vessel for his former commanding officer in 2365. Captain Picard in 2366 will refer to Lord Nelson’s Battle of Trafalgar shortly before the Battle of Wolf 359.
      [SFTM, FASA, TNG-129, TNG-144]


    • Robert Burns is born in Scotland on Earth. He will write the poem ‘Tam O’Shanter’ about demons. In the 23rd Century this work will be questioned as perhaps being partly factual, having its roots in the Furies’ visitation of Earth.
      [TOS #079]
    • Alexander Leonfeld loads his first flintlock at age 7.
      [DoH #1]


    • Interplanetary war begins between the neighboring planets Eminiar VII and Vendikar. The war will last five centuries.



    • Amy, the future wife of Jeremiah Coverman, is born on Earth.
      [DoH #1]


    • Charles Grey, future prime minister and statesman, is born on Earth. He will be known for Earl Grey tea, the favorite beverage of Jean-Luc Picard in the 24th Century.


    • The Vulcans chart Quadrant 6 and mark the region as “p’laaka” as it is prone to unpredicatable events. The region, encompassing the Crossroad Nebula, will remain largely unexplored for five centuries. The anomaly will later be determined to be a Turtledove Anomaly Point.
      [TOS #071]
    • The Dumada depart their home system in a generation-style colony ship at sublight speed, following the destruction of Duma by an asteroid failed to be maneuvered into close orbit. They will colonize the habitable band of the planet Rimillia.
      [TOS #077]


    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


    • The Lethantan monk leadership of 30453 FAS III (Nem Ma’ak Bratuna) begins preaching that the new world should prepare for an eventual assault by their ancient enemies, the Krann.
      [TNG #037]



    • The Chez Sandrine, a Marseilles tavern, is founded in France. In the 24th Century, it will be a favorite of Tom Paris.
    • According to one account, the Preservers transplant North American plains Indians from Earth to Miramanee (Amerind) as late as this era.
      [TOS-58, GN-18]


    • In the Gamma Quadrant, the planet Meridian dimensionally shifts back into normal space for a brief period of time.
    • On Earth, Jean Lafitte’s antique swords are forged during this period.
      [CT #2]
    • The Cherokee’s long march called The Trail of Tears occurs on Earth.
      [VOY #06]




    • A sextant is constructed during this era which will be given to Kathryn Janeway as a child by her grandfather in the 24th Century.
    • In the Delta Quadrant, the Central Octagon is built or updated on the capital world of the Lhiaarian Empire. Possibly this is the era of the empire’s dawn.
      [VOY #16]


    • Jeremiah Coverman marries Amy in America on Earth.
      [DoH #1]


    • During the American Revolutionary War, the HMS Justina battles the American ship Chincoteague and is captured by American patriots. Sergeant Alexander “Sandy” Leonfeld and his surviving crewmates help to take back the Justina. Leonfeld is an ancient ancestor of Alexander Rozhenko and he and Captain Picard will re-live this historic adventure in a holodeck aboard the Enterprise-D based upon Leonfeld’s journal.
      [DoH #1]
    • The first Enterprise, a sea-going 12-gunned sloop, is burned in order to avoid capture.


    • Kavis Alpha, a neutron star, explodes.
    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


    • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.


    • Davy Crockett, American frontiersmen, is born on Earth. In 1836 he will die defending the Alamo. Crockett will be a popular name given to starships, especially scout vessels. In 2375 he will be a character in a holosuite program about the Battle of the Alamo enjoyed by Chief O’Brien and Dr. Bashir. Bashir will later give O’Brien a copy of Crockett’s biography.
      [DS9-557, DS9-563, DS9-570]


    • 12 April
      Vaonus of Calanista postulates that Remus is inhabitable, heralding in the Age of Discovery on Romulus. Although legends existed of life on other planets, this is the first time scientific evidence is presented to support the legends and theories.
    • 17 September
      The Constitution of the United States is ratified by a convention of the States on Earth. A duplicate of this document will inexplicably appear on Omega IV.
      [TOS-54, CT #4]


    • 22 January
      Lord (George Gordon Noel) Byron is born in England on Earth. A poet, he will be re-created on Voyager‘s holodeck in 2373 by the ship’s holographic doctor as part of a personality improvement program.



    • William Blake writes ‘The Tyger,’ a poem Spock will be forced to partially recite by Charlie Evans in 2265.


    • 24 December
      L’Tokus of Dinalla successfully launches a large, payload-carrying rocket into Romulus‘ upper atmosphere. Previously, rockets, though used in celebrations, rarely had been used militarily.


    • 21 June
      Timuraasz places the first payload into orbit around Romulus.


    • The English poet John Keats is born on Earth. He will write ‘Ode to Psyche’ and in the 24th Century Commander Riker will receive a copy from Counselor Troi. Keats’ poetry, and ultimately his death, will be Onaya’s doing.
      [TNG-214, DS9-493]


    • 12 August
      Dinalla puts the first Romulan in orbit.


    • 15 January
      War breaks out between Dinalla and Timuraasz over the resources necessary for space travel. The war soon spreads to other places on Romulus, as no city-state dares allow others to gather the necessary resources for space travel, fearing the loss of military advantage. Up to this time, Dinalla and Timuraasz are the only two city-states that had managed to send anyone into space, though several others, most notably Labasasz and Caranam, are close to accomplishing space ventures.
    • President George Washington‘s term of office ends. This fact, among many others, is just a tiny portion of data stored in the Enterprise‘s computer banks in 2248, and will be scanned by the Talosians.
      [TOS-00, TOS-15, TOS-16]