Prime: Centuries Ago (Page 2)

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  • K’t’lk is born on Hamal (Alpha Arietis IV).
    [TOS #013]



  • Flint the Immortal, while playing the part of a wealthy baron, loses another love, Chloe, in a village in Bordeaux. He again attempts suicide, using a knife, and fails. A servant spies on Flint and soon spreads stories of witchcraft and forces of the occult at work in his manor. Flint will be forced to flee to Italy.
    [TOS #046]



  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.
  • Sync al Bashir, a 15th Century poet, is an ancestor of Julian Bashir.


  • Leonardo da Vinci, an artist, is “born” on Earth this year (in reality he is Flint the Immortal). As part of his personality improvement program, Voyager‘s holographic doctor will re-create da Vinci on the starship’s holodeck in 2373. Later the same year, Captain Janeway will seek advice from a holographic recreation of da Vinci. The artist’s creativity will be an inspiration to Janeway during her youth. Janeway will also share an adventure with the holographic da Vinci, freed from the holodeck by alien raiders who steal the EMH’s mobile emitter. Janeway will note that James Kirk had reportedly met da Vinci, “though the evidence is less than conclusive.”
    [TOS-76, VOY-161, VOY-168, VOY-174, VOY-179]


  • A sleep Interval begins for the Shapers of Domarus IV.
    [TNG #019]
  • Two people claim the throne of Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV and the way of Rhii’cha is invoked. It will not be invoked again for more than thirty generations.
    [TNG #027]


  • The first of the I’lium line of kings ascends to the throne of Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV. They will rule through 30 generations.
    [TNG #027]




  • 19 February: Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer, is born on Earth. Many space vessels will honor his name in the centuries to come.
    [TAS-11, ST-05]


  • The Spanish Inquisition occurs on Earth. Dr. McCoy, in 1986 (having traveled back in time from 2286), will compare it to 20th Century medical practice.


  • Early flight, and later space, programs begin on Gullrey. Unlike on Earth, it will take centuries for the Rey to reach low warp capabilities.
    [TOS #067]


  • In the Delta Quadrant, the Vaadwaur homeworld is bombarded by the Turei, ending their interstellar empire and leaving their world’s atmosphere contaminated by radiogenic particles. The inhabitants retreat into stasis pods intending to be revived in 5 years. It won’t be until Voyager‘s encounter in 2375. Note that the Vaadwaur during this period were an aggressive race and through their subspace corridor technology have explored and colonized a wide range of worlds in the Delta Quadrant. They have made contact with the Borg (having only assimilated a handful of civilizations at this time) and the Talaxians (who will name the Vaadwaur “foolish” in their old tongue as early as 5,012 in the Talaxian New Caldendar). Following the fall of the Vaadwaur, the Turei will control the subspace corridors.


  • (500th Cycle of Algol/Shem)
    The Karsid Empire makes its first contact with the planet Kronos.
    [TOS #023]


  • During this period the Eenza and Unglza go to war on Zondar over religion and territory. The war will last nearly a thousand years.
    [NF #05]


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.






  • (Karsid Imperial Year 930)
    Kronos becomes a full member of the Karsid Empire and adapts Karsid technology, customs etc. A subject race of the Karsids, the Klingons will be used primarily in Karsid starship crews. According to one account, the Karsid Empire (known in this context as “The Old Kings”) will disappear, leaving the Klingons to pick up the pieces. Legend has it that they left to avoid the death of the galaxy, since stars in the core began falling into a gigantic black hole.
    [TOS #023]


  • Jibim Kiba Siber is born in the Jibetian Confederacy.
    [DS9 #014]


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.


  • William Shakespeare, writer of plays and poetry, is born on Earth. He might actually be Flint the Immortal. Regardless, his plays will be presented through the 23rd and 24th Centuries, and in different styles including Arcturian. The theaters of Emben III will offer some of the best productions. Even the Klingons will be quite impressed with rewritten Shakespeare in the 23rd century. Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, and many others will quote Shakespeare, as will the Klingon General Chang. Briefly on Vulcan after the Enterprise-A‘s decommissioning, Captain Spock will become a Shakespearian actor. Aboard the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D in the 2360s, Captain Picard will have a copy of Shakespeare’s works on display in his ready room. Various plays will be recreated in the holodecks by Data and Picard including “Henry V” and “The Tempest” (holodeck program Data 7-3). On Deep Space Nine, Garak will become acquainted with Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” through Dr. Bashir. In 2373, Q will hide from 0 within a simulation of “The Tempest” in Holodeck 7. The Shakespeare Tavern in El Dorado on Risa in 2374 will feature Klingon and Human debating over the true origin of Shakespeare’s plays. The Klingons claim that he was actually Wil’yam Shex’pir. In 2375, Q will take credit for Shakespeare’s works (“…the drunken sod I knew who couldn’t spell his name the same way twice…”).
    [TOS-12, TOS-50, TOS-62, TOS-71, TAS-21, ST-06, TOS #074, TOS #083, TNG-111, TNG-158, TNG-275, TNG #049, GN-37, DS9-465, NF #10]
  • Galileo Galilei, astronomer and physicist, is born on Earth. Flint the Immortal will know him personally, and many space-going vessels (namely shuttlecraft) will be named after him.
    [TOS-13, TOS-31, TOS-75, TOS-76, ST-05]


  • In the Gamma Quadrant, the Skrreea come under the rule of the T’Rogorans which will last eight centuries until they are conquered by the Dominion.


  • The Bajorans explore their star system with solar sail propelled ships. Possibly exploring as far distant as Cardassia, harnesssing tachyon eddies for hyperlight travel. The Cardassians will reject all Bajoran claims of such, not having developed spaceflight as early. In 2371, Commander Sisko will build a Bajoran sail vessel and journey to Cardassia thus proving the Bajoran claim. The Cardassians will confess to finding the ancient remains of what corresponds to a Bajoran sail vessel on their world.
  • Revolution on Jibet sends Supreme Ruler Jibim Kiba Siber and a thousand of his loyal followers on a voyage to New Jibet with most of the planet’s wealth. They depart aboard the sublight starship Nibix, in suspended animation, intending to revive in 70 years time. The ship’s navigation systems and automatic awakening systems are sabotaged by the traitor Bikon who makes his way back to Jibet in an escape pod. Bikon will use the Supreme Ruler’s image to defeat the revolution and the Ribe-Iber-Bikon family will rule the Jibetian Confederacy for many centuries to come. The Nibix will become the most famous lost starship in history.
    [DS9 #014]



  • Kavis Alpha, a neutron star, explodes.


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.



  • Hikaru Sulu, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his life in feudal Japan on Earth.
    [TOS #052]
  • Over the next 70 years on Andor (Epsilon Indi VIII) over a quarter of the population kill each other at the height of the Age of Lament.


  • Shakespeare‘s play ‘Hamlet’ is written. In the 2260s, the Karidian Company will perform it. In 2287, Spock will note McCoy‘s quote of ‘Hamlet’ as being from Act I, Scene IV of the play. In 2292 on Vulcan, Spock will participate in the Melpomene Players’ production of ‘Hamlet.’ Later, in the 2360s, Captain Picard will quote from the play. Captain Janeway, sometime in the 24th Century, will see a Vulcan performance of the play.
    [TOS-12, ST-04, TOS #074, TNG-111, VOY #05]


  • 09 October
    The astronomers of southern Europe observe Kepler’s Star: a true supernova and only the fourth to be observed in a thousand years. In 2371, the Enterprise-D will defeat the Intellivore in this region of space.
    [TNG #045]


  • March
    Johannes Kepler continues to study the star until this time when it begins to fade.
    [TNG #045]





  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.


  • The komerex Nevre (“Northern Empire”) and the falgav a’kavna (“Crescent Islanders”) develop as the two major sociopolitical groupings among the sea going peoples of Kronos. Wars rage between these two groups for decades before the Northern Empire swallows up the Crescent Islanders by around 1660. The new sea-going empire begins a series of actions against the land based komerex Klingon (“Empire of the People”) that will last for centuries. These might be known as the Wars of First Expansion.
    [FASA, DS9 #025]
  • Pierre de Fermat proposes Fermat’s Last Theorem, the most famous unsolved problem in mathematics. Andrew Wiles will propose a solution in 1993. Captain Picard will still ponder it in the 24th Century, as will Dax.
    [TNG-138, DS9-471]


  • Isaac Newton, an early Earth scientist, is born. Dr. David Marcus will rank Newton alongside Einstein and Surak in 2285. In 2370, Lieutenant Commander Data will re-create Newton for a poker game in a holodeck. Space vessels will be named in his honor, including one class. Captain Janeway will meet Newton, having been called as a witness by Q in 2372. In one potential future timeline, Sir Isaac Newton’s residence at Cambridge will become the home of Professor Data in the late 24th Century.
    [ST-02, TNG-252, VOY-130, TNG-277, TNG-278]


  • Richard Lovelace writes the poem “Lucasta, To Althea: From Prison.” Kathryn Janeway will quote it in 2371.
    [VOY #09]



  • The inhabitants of an unnamed planet construct sleeper units for unlimited pleasure and escape. Within the next 600 years the people will be in agony.
    [ON #06]


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.


  • Guinan‘s father is born.
  • Conditions on the planet Oppalassa yields high population growths and extended families. In seven centuries, Oppalassa will be one of the most crowded environments in the galaxy, averaging 100,000 people per square mile on scattered islands.


  • At roughly this time in the Delta Quadrant, the Hachai-P’nir War flares up deep within the Kuriyar Cluster, which will over the next few centuries form a mass of 2,000 dreadnought-sized operational warships and several thousand smaller vessels all caught up in an endless conflict. The total industrial output of the cluster (some 1,500 Class-M planets) are used to build and maintain these fleets. At the center of the battle rests a First Federation starship (the cause of the war?).
    [VOY #03]
  • By this time, the Jibetians have developed their own form of warp drive and have begun expanding across nearby systems. In the centuries to come, the Jibetian Confederacy will span 80 worlds near the galactic rim.
    [DS9 #014]


  • The Bajoran wormhole again undergoes subspace inversion.
  • The Sacred Chalice of Rixx is one of the most valuable artifacts on Betazed. The chalice will be brought out once a year in recognition of the emperor Rixx’s mythical marriage to the goddess Niiope. The women of the Fifth House will also drink from it at their weddings.
    [VOY-171, GN-34]


  • On Bajor, the text of the Kosst Amojan is sealed away in the archives, said to contain great evil. It contains the information on how to free the Pah-wraiths.


  • The Pueblo Revolt: several Indian tribes rise up to overthrow their Spanish overlords and drive them out of New Mexico.


  • The philosopher Q, Quinn, jostles a tree causing an apple to fall and Isaac Newton postulates the law of gravitational attraction. Newton will be brought to 2372 in the Delta Quadrant by Q as a witness for Quinn’s trial, then returned with his memories of the future erased. Q claims that without Quinn’s influence, Newton would have died forgotten in a Liverpool prison, a suspect in several prostitute murders.


  • The Spanish return to reconquer the area and kill hundreds of Indians. One of the soldiers is Javer Maribona-Picard, one of Jean-Luc Picard‘s ancestors. He will help crush the Pueblo Indian Revolt on Earth.


  • The Andorian calendar begins when the Lor’veln clan burns the histories of Andor (Epsilon Indi VIII).
  • The people of Megas-Tu are forced to leave Earth in Salem, Massachusetts, New England. Presumably they return to the galactic core and their own continuum.