Tolaris (ENT-17)

One of the V’tosh ka’tur (“Vulcans without logic”) encountered by the Enterprise NX-01 in 2151. Tolaris forged an unlikely bond with T’Pol, and suggested she attempt to re-connect with her emotions. He used an ancient Vulcan technique known as a “mind-meld” to help her achieve this, but T’Pol was uncomfortable with it and asked him to stop. She eventually had to force him to break the meld. Captain Archer was angered by Tolaris’ attack on T’Pol, and asked him to leave the Enterprise.[1] A year later, T’Pol was forced to reveal that she had contracted Panar Syndrome as a result of the forced meld.[2] It was another two years before the imbalance in her brain chemistry was corrected, as Panar Syndrome had been known of since the time of Surak; Panar Syndrome was caused by inexperienced and poorly-trained melders, but could be corrected by those with the proper training.[3]


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