U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-71805

U.S.S. Endeavour (TNG-201)
U.S.S. Endeavour (TNG-201)

The Nebula class Starship Endeavour served as part of the tachyon detection grid during the Federation blockade against Romulan interference during the Klingon civil war.[1] The Endeavour was stationed in the Cleon Sector in 2368 when crew members from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D were controlled by Ktarian operatives seeking to gain control of Starfleet. Commander William Riker was ordered to pilot a shuttle to the Endeavour to spread the takeover.[2] In 2373, the Endeavour was part of a Starfleet armada that intercepted a Borg cube at Earth.[3]


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